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Dato’ Haji ABDUL FATTAH Bin Haji Abdullah

Dear Co-operators,

ACO was set up to lead and improve the strategic relations between cooperative movements in ASEAN countries. These strategy will help in the implementation of a wide range of activities that benefit all cooperative.

In addition to the strong network and cooperation between cooperative members from ASEAN countries, ACO also played its important role as an entity that represents the cooperative movements either at the national and international level, in order to support and fulfil its objective in line with Bangkok Declaration on August 8, 1967 creating equality based on vision, mission and identity of ASEAN.

ACO has been around for more than 10 years, and has always adapted to the needs of its members. The board of directors is in a way a guardian of the organization pertinence and progress on behalf of its members.

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Secretary General
Dato’ Paduka Hanapi Bin Suliman

Dear Co-operators,

On behalf of the Asean Co-operative Organization (ACO), I would like to extend a very warm welcome all ACO members and guest. ACO movement is an economic entity that capable of contributing to the economic development of the ASEAN countries.

I hope that more cooperatives in ASEAN join ACO and work together to support ACO for economic development of ASEAN countries. Most welcome ACO members to make this official website a medium to interact and a discussion area to contribute ideas for ACO development and mutual benefits.

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